Worcester College



Worcester College - nicest grounds in Oxford, where I taught for a summer, where Emma Watson spent a "year abroad." Generally open 2 - 5 pm. free admission.

When you enter and walk through the doors and onto the patio, you will see the Quad in front of you. The large building to your right is where I taught, downstairs in one of the classrooms. Immediately to your left and down the stairs from the entrance patio is the Pump Quad, dating from the 14th century. The pub is hidden around the side and to the left. When you leave the Pump Quad, go through any of the archways to the left. Once in that garden area, head towards the back, to the right, towards the lake, with the beautiful flowers alongside the buildings on your right. Circle through the woods and around the lake to the soccer fields. Retrace your way back to the front. The chapel is on the left side of the main building from which you entered. If it's open, take a quick look inside. I don't believe the library upstairs is publicly accessible, but if it is, I hear it is very pretty

When you exit through the front gates, make a left and walk north up Walton Street for about half a block. On your left, you will see 1 Walton Street (right after 1A Walton Street), otherwise known as the Hobbit Hole. That is where Mel and I stayed a few summers ago. If you were to continue walking up Walton Street, you will be in Jericho.





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